Reduce reuse recycle

Eco Experience will be back at the 2022 State Fair: Aug. 25 - Sept. 5

ReUSE MinnesotaExhibitors

ReUSE Minnesota works to document the environmental impacts of the reuse, repair, and rental industry.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

What can you see and do

See made in Minnesota recycled feedstocks and productsRepair and reuse, or replace? Explore the interactive flip-board activity to determine what products are better to “Repair and Reuse” or “Recycle and Replace” in order to decrease your environmental impact. See how many you guess correctly!

Made in Minnesota. This exhibit features three cubes filled with the materials you would recycle in your curbside container. See the raw material that comes from such items you put out for recycling — what manufacturers in Minnesota use to produce new products.

Recycle right flip panels provide information about what items you should always put in your curbside recycling bin and items you should never put in it.

Recycle cell phones and other electronics. Recycle your out-of-date or unwanted cell phones right at the Fair! Presented by Tech Dump, there is no need to worry about security, as they hold all credentials to wipe your data clean. Be sure to back up old photos onto the internet. Cell phones will be refurbished and resold or the precious metals will be recycled.

Learn more about how cell phones and other electronic devices also contain hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and brominated flame retardants and how many of those materials can be recycled and reused. Recycling electronics creates jobs!

Weighted foods exhibit. New this year, this area shows you the climate impact of some popular food items. We invest a lot of resources, labor and energy into growing our food — food production accounts for over a quarter of all global climate emissions. Lift each food item to see how heavy it is and learn more about its effects on climate. 

Save your food. Check out our mini-fridge for storage tips for lengthening food’s freshness. Wasted food is preventable and knowing how to store it properly is key.

Backyard composting is featured. Learn how to turn your organic discards into "black gold" that's great for gardening and bring your questions composting at home.