Drinking water

Eco Experience will be back at the 2021 State Fair: Aug. 26 - Sept. 6

Does your drinking water come from a lake, river or underground? Did you know if you obtain your drinking water from a public source, the water is tested and regulated more closely than from any other source, including bottled water?

2018 drinking water exhibitors: Water Bar and Public Studio, Minnesota Department of HealthExhibitors

Water Bar & Public Studio will be serving free flights of water from three Minnesota communities each day.

Minnesota Department of Health takes care of Minnesota's citizens, from making sure food and drinking water are safe to helping make health coverage more affordable.


  • Dunwoody College of Technology
  • Metropolitan Council Environmental Services
  • City of Minneapolis
  • City of St. Paul/ St. Paul Regional Water Services
  • Barr Engineering
  • Tonka Water
  • Yo Mama's House Cooperative
  • Healing Place Collaborative

What you can see and do

Taste water from around Minnesota and visit with residents of those communities. Explore the meaning of water.

The Great American Tap Water Taste Test: August 22 (2 p.m.) on the Sustainability Stage. Which city has the best-tasting water in Minnesota? Come and learn about drinking water, participate in the action, and help judge the competition. (Minnesota American Water Works Association)

Try your skills at the “Big 5” bean bag toss and learn about water contaminants.

The Water Bar shares water samples from around Minnesota.