Eco Experience will be back at the 2022 State Fair: Aug. 25 - Sept. 5

Learn ways that you as an individual and working together with others can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and be more resilient to climate change.

Tree Care AdvisorsExhibitors

Minnesota Tree Care Advisors. Trees are one of our best tools to combat climate change. Tree care advisors can address proper tree planting, diseases, and the best trees to plant.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Look for our climate change and adaptation exhibits throughout the building.


What can you see and do

Find the climate quotes. We’ve plastered some timely comments from distinguished people on the floor throughout the building.

Consult with tree experts and have access to computer resources, informational displays that address how and why trees have been affected by our changing climate and how trees can help reduce the effects of climate change, live tree and shrub samples, and literature that you can take home and reference for the future.