Water Gremlin settlement agreement

Water Gremlin and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency agreed to a settlement on March 1, 2019, to resolve the company’s violations of air quality regulations. The agreement is one of the largest settlements in the MPCA’s history, with a total value of over $7 million. The agreement is legally binding, and includes a number of requirements the company must meet to operate. 

PDF icon Water Gremlin Stipulation Agreement (aq-ei6-01b)

Key elements of the agreement

Civil penalty of $4.5 million

New operating conditions

  • No TCE to be used on-site
  • Must use a less toxic alternative product (FluoSolv)

Conduct frequent air monitoring

  • Air monitors are now on all 4 sides of the property
  • Water Gremlin reports air monitoring data every 3 days to MPCA
  • Results processed by independent lab
  • Water Gremlin will monitor for at least 5 years

New recordkeeping and reporting requirements

  • Daily reporting on solvent use
  • Monthly reporting of VOC emissions in previous 12 months (rolling sum)

New pollution control equipment

Supplemental Environmental Projects

  • Total value of at least $1.5 million
  • Plant 1,500 trees in White Bear Lake, White Bear Township, and Gem Lake
  • Coordinate outreach project to reduce or eliminate TCE emissions at other facilities

Water Gremlin investigates and cleans up any TCE and lead contamination on property

  • Soil, sediment, ground water and surface water will be tested
  • If contamination is found, work outwards to determine the contaminated area
  • Clean up any contamination found
  • MPCA oversight

New air quality permit

  • Public will have opportunities to review and comment on draft permit
  • MPCA will hold a public meeting