Water Gremlin data explorer

The MPCA has not seen any levels of air pollution around the Water Gremlin site that would require immediate action since the company stopped using TCE. The MPCA will continue to review the monitoring data to determine if levels of VOCs at the Water Gremlin facility are significantly different than what we see at other air monitors in the Twin Cities.

The following is a comprehensive reporting of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) being monitored around the Water Gremlin facility. A few important factors to remember when reviewing these data:

  • The VOCs reported near the Water Gremlin facility may be from other sources, including vehicle exhaust, products used by people or businesses, and emissions from other facilities.
  • While a few compounds occasionally show levels above a health benchmark, these benchmarks typically are intended to be protective for long-term exposures.
  • The MPCA typically collects at least one year of data to make valid comparisons to other monitoring sites or comparisons with long-term health benchmarks.