Grant closed. Applications were due Dec. 2021.

Planning grants for stormwater, wastewater, and community resilience

Prepare your community for climate change: New planning grants - Stormwater, wastewater, community infrastructureUp to $870,000 is available for planning projects to be awarded during FY22. This funding provides an opportunity for communities to assess vulnerabilities and begin planning for the effects of Minnesota’s changing climate in three areas:

  • how to increase resilience to stormwater and reduce localized flood risk
  • how to improve the resilience of wastewater systems
  • how to reduce human health effects and adapt community services, ordinances and public spaces to the changing climate

See the request for proposals (RFP) with full details on eligibility: who may apply, grant match requirements, and other information that will help applicants submit a proposal.

  • Application deadline: December 21, 2021 (4 p.m. CST)
  • Match: The minimum match requirement is 10% (ten percent) of the grant amount, either cash or in-kind, provided by any organization involved in the project.

Informational meeting

File Webex: Informational meeting on applying for planning grants

MPCA hosted this informational session to provide information and take questions. (70 min.)

Application materials

The RFP and application materials can only be accessed and submitted through the online SWIFT portal.

  1. Go to the SWIFT online portal.
  2. Click on "Bidding opportunities"
  3. Find and click on the event name: 'MPCA-Planning Grants for SWC Resilience' (2000012377)
  4. Click "View Bid Package" to see the RFP and forms. 

You must register in the SWIFT portal to submit an application. Grant applications are only accepted through the SWIFT portal. In order to apply, applicants must click on "Register for an Account" and then "Register as a Bidder." It may take up to two business days to get confirmation of your registration. If you are already registered in SWIFT, use your current username and password.

More information for the SWIFT portal can be found under "Informational Tips" and "Supplier Portal Help." For questions about SWIFT, please contact the Office of State Procurement at 651-201-8100, option 1.

Ask a question

MPCA personnel are not authorized to discuss the posted RFP with applicants, and contact regarding this RFP with any MPCA personnel may result in disqualification.

Applicants who have any questions regarding this RFP must email questions to, subject line "FY 22 Planning Grants for SWC Resilience" no later than December 16, 2021.

Staff will gather questions and post answers in the SWIFT portal for bidding event 'MPCA-Planning Grants for SWC Resilience' (2000012377).


Minnesota’s climate is changing — it is happening here and now and will continue well into the future. We see the harmful effects in communities across our state today, from our own health and safety to overwhelmed infrastructure, damaged property, dying trees and culturally important native species, and the inability of population centers to cool off overnight. Climate trends identified through monitoring over decades of changes in temperature and precipitation, snow depth, and lake ice, storms and droughts, our growing season and more show that Minnesota is becoming warmer and wetter, with more damaging rains, and cold weather warming. More extreme heatwaves and extended periods of drought alternating with intense precipitation are expected in the future.

During the 2021 legislative session, ongoing funding was appropriated to increase the resilience of water infrastructure and communities in Minnesota. This is the first RFP for funding from this new grant program.