Air permits issued in Minnesota

Permits issued by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) identify the units at each facility that generate air pollutants and, where applicable, the limits on those emissions. In some cases a permit may also authorize construction or modification of a facility.

Facilities listed here have been issued either an individual permit, a Non-metallic Mineral Processing General Permit, or a Part 70 Manufacturing General Permit.

  • See also: Capped Air Emission State Permits
  • Registration permits and construction permits that cover only part of a facility's operations are not included on this page.

Each facility's permit contains the conditions under which the facility can operate. The technical support document included with each permit contains the legal and factual justification for each requirement or policy decision considered prior to the issuing of the permit. (Attachments to the technical support document are not included.)

Minnesota rules allow certain small changes at permitted facilities prior to the MPCA issuing an amended permit if the owner has submitted the required permit amendment application or notification. These changes are incorporated into the permit when it is next amended under the Moderate or Major Amendment processes, reopened by the MPCA, or when the permit is reissued.

Permit numbers

The permits are identified by the eight-digit Air Quality Facility ID number followed by a three digit suffix that identifies the most recent version of the permit. For example, 12345678-001 is the first total facility permit for the facility identified by 12345678. The suffix 002, 003, etc. identifies the permit as either an amended or reissued permit for the facility. The last permit always supersedes and replaces the previous permit.

Sometimes a suffix appears to be skipped (for example -002 is not listed even though -001 and -003 exist). This can occur for various reasons such as an application being withdrawn after the number has been assigned.

Permit types

Each permit is listed as federal or state. A federal permit is also known as a "Title V" or "Part 70" permit. A facility with a federal permit has higher allowable emissions than a state permit and can be subject to different requirements.

"GP" stands for general permit. Facilities in the manufacturing and non-metallic mineral processing industries can apply for a general permit if eligible. A general permit has same requirements for each facility.

Additional information about permitting is available on the Air Permit page.

SIC codes

For a list of Standard Industrial Classification Codes (SIC), visit the Occupational Safety and Health Administration website.


Questions regarding these permits or the permitting process can be answered by the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program at 651-282-6143 or 800-657-3938.

Disclaimer: Although the MPCA makes every attempt to ensure that the information placed on this website is accurate and current, the renditions of the permits are not the official permits. Also, this site does not contain all of the air emissions permits issued by the MPCA. All air emissions permits are available for inspection at the MPCA's St. Paul office, located at 520 Lafayette Road North.