Adapting to a changing climate

Climate change is already occurring in Minnesota and is affecting our state’s environmental, economic, and social systems.

Adaptation is a complement to mitigation.

  • Climate adaptation is developing and implementing strategies, initiatives and measures to help human and natural systems cope with and become more resilient to climate change impacts.
  • Climate change mitigation emphasizes reducing greenhouse gas emissions with the goal of limiting the magnitude or progression of climate change. While it is important to continue to mitigate climate change by reducing emissions to avoid calamitous change, we also need to adapt to changes that are already occurring.

Climate change will affect ecosystems, infrastructure, and sectors of our economy. The impacts on these systems will depend on their sensitivity to climate change and their ability to adapt. The goal of adaptation is to increase natural and societal resilience to climate change.

For more information about climate adaptation, contact Laura Millberg, MPCA Climate Adaptation Team: or 651-757-2568.


MPCA Climate Adaptation Strategy

Resources for adaptation strategies