Rochester office

Welcome to the Rochester office of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. The agency’s municipal wastewater unit is based here along with the southeast Minnesota watershed unit. Rochester staff work on a variety of programs and projects, which are listed on the left and below.

MPCA Rochester office
7381 Airport View Drive SW
Rochester, MN  55902

507-285-7343 or 800-657-3864 toll free
Fax: 507-389-5422
Temporary fax: 507-389-6985

MPCA Southeast Region and Staff Directory

Minnesota Duty Officer: 800-422-0798

You must call the duty officer for natural disasters, hazardous material incidents, petroleum spills, pipeline breaks or leaks, release of substances to the air, wastewater bypasses, and spills of manure, food products or other substances and pollutants.

Regional watershed projects

Water pollution cleanup

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Local government

MPCA staff members work with several local agencies and government units, including cities and township officers.

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MPCA staff work to protect and improve water and land resources in the southeast region.

The varying landscape of southeast Minnesota all drains to the mighty Mississippi.

Karst topography. Minnesota’s southeastern limestone country is a beautiful area of farms, rolling hills, hollows, caves, and dramatic bluffs and valleys. These same characteristics make southeastern Minnesota water resources most challenging to protect. Petroleum and other chemicals released from underground storage can quickly move into ground water supplies. Manure released from agricultural spills can cause fish kills many miles from the release point. Chemicals used on the landscape can reappear at unexpected times and in unexpected locations. The MPCA works with several partners to protect this unique area of Minnesota.

State Parks and Bike Trails. Southeastern Minnesota has several state parks and bike trails, including Whitewater State Park, the Mystery Cave at Forestville State Park, Bluffland Trail and Blazing Star Trail. For more information, go to the Department of Natural Resources website.

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