Preparing communities for our changing climate

Man holding cat, boy, and girl stand in flooded street in front of homes.

The MPCA is proposing $2.9 million to provide grants to counties, cities, townships and tribal nations in Minnesota for climate resiliency planning.

These grants will help communities assess vulnerabilities and develop plans to enhance stormwater infrastructure, providing necessary resources for communities to prepare and adapt to climate change impacts including increasing precipitation and more frequent and more intense rainfall events. Currently, climate risk assessment, planning, and pre-design needed for the development of bonding proposals to upgrade stormwater infrastructure are not eligible for bonding funds.


Communities throughout Minnesota are increasingly unprepared for mega-rain events that are four times more likely today than just a generation ago. Aging and inadequate stormwater infrastructure can't handle extreme precipitation events that cause many local streets to flood, sewer systems to backup into homes and businesses, and wastewater treatment plants to release partially or fully treated sewage into lakes and rivers.

While many cities, counties, and tribal nations across the state are already developing strategies to address future needs related to climate change, additional resources are needed to make sure every community can afford the necessary preparations.

Why it’s important

Extreme weather events destroy homes and businesses, damage our infrastructure, and contaminate our drinking water supplies. The cleanup from these events puts a strain on city budgets and adversely impacts Minnesota's economy. Evaluating community impacts will allow local governments to do the necessary work now to prepare their communities for future effects of a changing climate. Assessment and planning will provide greater assurance to local communities, create more certainty for the economy and foster sustainable economic growth.

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