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Wirth Lake is located in Hennepin County with most of its watershed within the city of Golden Valley. The remaining portion of the watershed, south of the lake is in Minneapolis and all of the shoreline around the lake is owned and managed by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB). Wirth Lake is an important recreational resource to residents of north Minneapolis and surrounding inner-ring suburbs and it is used extensively for swimming, fishing, non-motorized boating, and aesthetic viewing. This lake is surrounded by significant wetland vegetation which provides excellent wildlife habitat. The Wirth Lake watershed is essentially fully developed and has a total area of 348 acres (excluding landlocked areas). s noted in the Bassett Creek Water Management Commission (BCWMC) Watershed Management Plan (WMP, 2004) the city of Golden Valley, Minneapolis, the MPRB, and the BCWMC have been partners working to improve the water quality of Wirth Lake for several years. MPRB has worked on improving Wirth Lake for decades.

In 2004, Wirth Lake was placed on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's list of impaired waters in need of a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) study for excess nutrients, based primarily on data collected by the MPRB and the BCWMC. The data indicated that Wirth Lake has total phosphorus concentrations in excess of the MPCA's state water quality narrative standard of 40 micrograms per liter for the growing season mean. The MPCA is partnering with BCWMC and MPRB to develop the work products necessary to complete a TMDL and implementation plan for Wirth Lake.

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Wirth Lake is located in Hennepin County, within the Mississippi River - Twin Cities watershed of the Upper Mississippi River basin.


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