Vadnais Lake Area WMO TMDL and Protection Study – Excess Nutrients and Bacteria: TMDL project

Gem Lake

The Vadnais Lake Area Watershed Management Organization (VLAWMO) Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) and Protection Study describes bacteria reductions needed for Lambert Creek and nutrient reductions needed for Gem, East Goose, West Goose, Gilfillan, and Wilkinson Lakes to meet state water quality standards.

E. coli is used to indicate the potential presence of waterborne pathogens that can be harmful to human health. Minnesota’s water quality standard for E. coli in streams is 126 organisms per 100 ml (milliliters) of water. E. coli comes from human, pet, and wildlife waste.

Excess nutrients such as phosphorus from stormwater runoff create poor water quality conditions causing frequent summer algal blooms, which limit recreational activities. Phosphorus in stormwater is a result of transporting organic material such as leaves and grass clippings, fertilizers, and sediments to a waterbody. The internal loading of phosphorus in the lakes is another source caused by the sediment release of nutrients.

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The VLAWMO watershed covers approximately 25 square miles in the northeast metropolitan area in northern Ramsey County and a small portion of Anoka County, Minnesota. It encompasses the City of North Oaks and portions of the Cities of White Bear Lake, Gem Lake, Vadnais Heights, Lino Lakes, and White Bear Township. The VLAWMO watershed is within the Mississippi River - Twin Cities watershed of the Upper Mississippi River basin.

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