Sweeney Lake Total - Phosphorus: TMDL Project

Sweeney Lake is a 67-acre water body within the city of Golden Valley. Sweeney Lake has a contributing drainage area of approximately 2,360 acres. The watershed boundaries are located primarily in Golden Valley, but also extend to portions of St. Louis Park. Land use in the watershed is a mix of residential, commercial/industrial, and right-of-way. In 2004, the lake was designated as impaired by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for total phosphorus for aquatic recreation based upon its water quality history. Water quality monitoring data is currently available through MPCA’s Electronic Data Access. The TMDL is in progress with a second season of monitoring starting in spring 2008.

Map and location

Sweeney Lake is located in Hennepin County, within Mississippi River - Twin Cities watershed of the Upper Mississippi River basin.

Map of Sweeney Lake

TMDL report and implementation plan


Meetings and events

One public meeting and one resident meeting have been held as part of Phase 1 work. A second public meeting will be held as part of the Phase 2 work in fall of 2008. See the Sweeney Lake Web site for more information.


Information contact

Rachel Olmanson, Project Manager
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
520 Lafayette Road N
St. Paul, MN 55155