Rice Creek Watershed District Southwest Urban Lakes — Excess Nutrients: TMDL Project

This project addresses excess nutrients in Island Lake, North Basin (62-0075-02), Island Lake, South Basin (62-0075-01), Little Lake Johanna (62-0058-00), Long Lake, South Basin (62-0067-00), Moore Lake, East (02-0075-01), Pike Lake (62-0069-00), and Lake Valentine (62-0071-00). These waterbodies and the land area that drains to them are located in the southwest portion of the Rice Creek watershed in Ramsey County and Anoka County. The MPCA contracted with Emmons & Olivier Resources Inc. to develop the TMDL report, which was largely based on a previous study completed by the Rice Creek Watershed District. Lake Management Action Plans for implementation projects have been completed by the district and these projects are ongoing.

Map and location

The Rice Creek watershed is located in the Mississippi River - Twin Cities watershed within the Upper Mississippi River basin, in the northern Twin Cities metro area.

More maps are available on the TMDL maps page

TMDL report


Information contact

Eric Alms, Project Manager
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
520 Lafayette Road
St. Paul, MN 55155