e-Services facility access

The first step to submit an air permit application e-Service is for the legally responsible official or other delegated staff to sign up for an e-Services account and request Air Signatory access for their facility. In order to set up Air Signatory permissions, the legally responsible official, and if applicable, the delegated staff, will need to fill out the DG-02 form below:

(Note: If an Air Signatory has already been set up for another air e-Service, the DG-02 form does not need to be resubmitted for the Air Signatory to gain access to other air e-Services.) Once the form is signed and dated, it should be submitted to the Air Permit Document Coordinator at MPCA’s Saint Paul office as noted in Section E of the DG-02.

Before sending in the form, you need to request Air Signatory access to the given facility within e-Services by using the “Add Facilities” option on the My Workspace page, under the My Facilities section. As part of the steps for requesting access, you will be told to printout, sign, and mail in DG-02. After hitting Continue on the Access Change screen, your online request will be listed as Pending in My Workspace until you mail in the DG-02 form and it is processed by the MPCA.

Once access is granted by the MPCA, the Air Signatory will receive an email confirming they’ve received access to their facility in e-Services. In addition, on the My Workspace page, the Access Status column in the My Facilities section will change from Pending to Granted. At that point, if the facility has a modeling consultant that will be completing the e-Service, the Air Signatory should ask their consultant to set up an account in e-Services. While setting up their account, the consultant would request access to the facility they’ll be entering a protocol for, with an Access Type of Air General User.

Once the consultant has requested access, the Air Signatory will receive an email that the consultant has requested access to their facility. To grant access to the consultant, the Air Signatory would need to sign in to e-Services and navigate to the My Workspace page. Then under My Facilities, the Air Signatory would click on the Manage Security icon to grant access to the consultant. (Note: This access does not continue indefinitely. At any time, the Air Signatory can revoke access to their facility using that same Manage Security Icon.)

Once the consultant has been granted access as an Air General User, they’ll be able to start entering an air modeling protocol in the air modeling e-Service. To access the e-Service, the consultant will click on the air permit application service link in the Service Selection section of My Workspace. They can then click the icon in the Access Facility column to get started.

The final step in submitting an air permit application e-Service is to provide an electronic signature. The only person capable of signing and submitting the protocol will be an Air Signatory. Once the consultant reaches the final certification screen, they should navigate back to the My Workspace page, in the My Services – In Progress section and chose to Share the service with the Air Signatory. If the facility has a co-permittee, both the primary permittee (the legally responsible official) and the co-permittee must certify the submittal and they both must request and be granted Air Signatory access to the facility.

In order to share, the consultant will need the e-Service User ID of each Air Signatory. Once the consultant has shared and checked-in the service, that will allow the Air Signatory(ies) to access the service the consultant filled out, complete the electronic signature and submit the air permit application. More detailed instructions and screenshots on setting up accounts and managing security can be found in the PDF icon Getting started with MPCA e-Services document.

Sharing a service

If you create a service, you can share that service with others who have an account in MPCA e-Services. To share a service with another person:

  1. On the My Workspace, in the My Services – In Progress section, click the Share button for the service you want to share with another person.
  2. On the Share Service page, in the User ID box, type the username of the person that you want to share the service with, for example, pbunyan. You must type the exact username of the person as it is used in his or her MPCA e-Services user profile.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Under Result, verify that the name and email address of the person is correct.
  5. Click Grant Access.

The person you requested to share the service with will receive an email, alerting them that they have a pending shared service.

On the My Workspace page, you will see a Pending indicator under the Shared column for that service until the other person either accepts or denies the request for sharing. If the request for sharing is accepted, the Share column will then display all the names of the users who are sharing the service.

Note: Only one user can access a service at a time. The name of the user who last modified and saved the service is displayed in the Last Modified By column. After you access a shared service, click Check In in the Share column to make the service available to the other users.

Accepting or denying a shared service request

If another person having an account in MPCA e-Services requests that you share a service, you will receive an email alerting you that you have a pending shared service.

To accept or deny the shared service request:

  1. Log in to MPCA e-Services. For details, see Logging In to MPCA e-Services.
  2. On the My Workspace page, in the My Services – In Progress section, click the Pending button under the Shared column for the service.
  3. On the Accept Shared Service page, select either Yes or No, depending on whether you want to accept or deny the request to share the service.
  4. Click Submit.

If you accept sharing the service, on the My Workspace page, the Share column will display all the names of the users who are sharing the service. If you deny sharing the service, you will no longer see the service on your My Workspace page.