Demonstration/research projects

Demonstration/research project (DRP) refers to a limited-scale project designed to promote new methods of solid waste management. It is designed to obtain scientific or other information about a specific method for managing solid waste not currently available. Demonstration/research projects may be required by the agency before issuing a case-specific beneficial use determination (CSBUD). Demonstration/research projects do not have to be in the area of beneficial reuse, projects can be designed to explore any new or improved solid waste management method.

To submit a proposal for a case-specific beneficial use determination DRP send your proposal to the MPCA permit Document Coordinator.

Information requirements

Unless specified by the agency all DRP proposals must include an Application For Utilization Project form and a Solid Waste Demonstration/Research Project Proposal Submission form. Complete the forms and attach them to your proposal. Each proposal must also include the information required by Minn. R. 7035.0450 outlined below.

As specified in 7035.0450 a proposal must include at least the following information:

  • detailed descriptions of the solid waste, the manner in which it is generated, and the solid waste management technology or process to be evaluated;
  • results of appropriate chemical and physical characterization of the solid waste done in accordance with part 7035.2861;
  • goals and objectives of the demonstration/research project;
  • scope of the demonstration/research project including length of time from the beginning of the project to completion, location, and quantity of solid waste involved;
  • an outline of information that will be contained in a final report prepared at the end of the demonstration/research project;
  • review of literature related to the project;
  • experimental design;
  • proposed monitoring;
  • evaluation of possible environmental impacts from the demonstration/research project and a description of safeguards proposed to protect human health and the environment during the project and after its completion;
  • verification that local units of government have been notified in writing of the intent to carry out the demonstration/research project within their jurisdiction and have been provided information on whom to contact at the agency to provide comments on the project if desired;
  • verification that residents within a one-mile radius of the demonstration/research project have been notified prior to submitting the proposal to the agency. The verification must consist of a copy of a notice placed in the local paper or a copy of any letter mailed to these residents. The notice or letter must include a brief description of the demonstration/research project and information on how to contact the agency to provide input or comments on the project; and
  • when applicable, information required by Code of Federal Regulations, title 40, part 258, for a research, development, and demonstration permit

Characterization procedures

Unless otherwise directed by the agency, a person seeking to characterize a solid waste must complete the following steps:

  1. The solid waste must be evaluated to determine if it is hazardous as provided in part 7045.0214. If the waste is determined to be hazardous, no further characterization is necessary because under this chapter no demonstration/research project or beneficial use determination will apply to hazardous waste.
  2. A list of potential chemical constituents present in the solid waste must be developed by evaluation of the processes at the facility that resulted in production of the waste; and review of material safety data sheets, ingredient labels, and other pertinent information.
  3. The solid waste must be analyzed in accordance with the methods provided in subpart 3, to provide the following information on its chemical and physical properties:
    1. potential chemical constituents identified in item B; and
    2. physical properties that affect the use or management of the solid waste


MPCA contacts

Solid Waste Utilization Contact: Greg Kvaal - or 651-757-2511

Permit document coordinator
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
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