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Some Minnesota Pollution Control Agency contractors are required to follow the MPCA Contractor and Subcontracting Purchasing Manual. The State/MPCA reserves the right to update these instructions at any point. Once the MPCA has distributed any revised instructions to the MPCA Contractors, the MPCA Contractors are required to implement all changes based on the revision date of the manual.

The terms of the MPCA Contractor and Subcontracting Purchasing Manual apply to subcontracting of services and commodities for the following MPCA contracts:

  • Landfill investigation, design, and construction oversight
  • Emergency response
  • Superfund and Petroleum contract.

Purchasing manual

Individual contractor forms

1. Use of state contracts

1a. State contract S-1050: Sub-slab depressurization system contract forms

2. Commodities and/or Nonprofessional Technical Service Projects

2a. Up to $10k forms

2b. Over $10k forms – Purchase completed by MPCA purchaser

No specific forms are required to solicit services/commodities over $10k, but detailed specifications will be needed. A good specification should do the following:

  • Identify needed requirements, including environmental level requirements (e.g., recycled, content level, energy rating, etc.)
  • Be measurable and verifiable
  • Provides for an equitable evaluation
  • Allows for competitive responses

3. Construction

3a. Up to $10k forms

3b. Over $10k forms - Purchase completed by MPCA purchaser

  • Please contact your MPCA project manager or contract manager for the appropriate documents.