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Minnesota's Impaired Waters and TMDLs


The Credit River watershed is located in Scott County, Minnesota. Credit River begins in New Market Township and flows generally north through Credit River Township before discharging into the Minnesota River in the city of Savage. Credit River has a drainage area of approximately 51 square miles (32,865 acres). Major land uses in the Credit River watershed include undeveloped land (37%), agriculture (26%), and single family residential (17%).

In 2002, Credit River was listed on Minnesota’s 303(d) List of Impaired Waters for aquatic life impairment due to turbidity. Turbidity limits light penetration which further inhibits healthy plant growth on the river bottom. Turbidity may cause aquatic organisms to have trouble finding food, may affect gill function, and the sediment associated with turbidity may cause spawning beds to be covered. Suspended organic and inorganic particles also transport nutrients from lands from receiving waters causing eutrophication. The draft TMDL is targeted to be completed in October, 2009.

During the development of the draft TMDL it was determined that the Credit River was meeting the State's turbidity standard and has been proposed to EPA for delisting on the 2012 Impaired Waters list. To ensure that the Credit River does not exceed the turbidity standard in the future a protection plan was developed.

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The PDF icon Credit River watershed is located in the Lower Minnesota River watershed in the Minnesota River basin, in the western Twin Cities metro area. 

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