City of Eagan Lakes — Excess Nutrients

In 2006, the MPCA listed Fish and Schwanz Lakes as impaired for aquatic recreation under Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act. The main cause for this impairment is excess nutrients in the lakes. Excess nutrients such as phosphorus from stormwater runoff create poor water quality conditions causing summer algal blooms, which limit recreational activities. Since that time efforts by the city of Eagan have improved water quality in Schwanz Lake resulting in the MPCA removing the lake from the impaired waters list. To address the impaired Fish Lake a TMDL was completed and approved by EPA in 2010. To maintain good water quality in Schwanz Lake the city proposed several water quality improvement projects. The final project culminated in a report entitled "Fish Lake Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) and Schwanz Lake Nutrient Management Report and Implementation Plan."

A subsequent project under the Clean Water Partnership grant program was launched in 2012 to address several impaired lakes (Carlson, Fitz, Holz, and LeMay) and several lakes that are not on the impaired waters list but warrant protection (Bald, Bur Oaks, Cliff, Hay, LP-30, North, O'Leary, and Quigley). The project report contains detailed plans for implementation to restore and protect the subject lakes: PDF icon Eagan Lakes: Eagan Neighborhood Lakes TMDL and Management Plans Report (June 2015).

Map and location

Lakes from both projects are located in Eagan (Dakota County) in the southern Twin Cities metro area. The lakes lie in the Eagan-Inver Grove Heights Watershed Management Organization subwatershed of the Lower Minnesota River watershed in the Minnesota River Basin.


TMDL reports and implementation plans

Eagan neighborhood lakes

Fish Lake and Schwanz Lake

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Eric Alms, Project Manager
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
520 Lafayette Road
St. Paul, MN 55155

Eric Macbeth
Water Resources Manager
City of Eagan
3501 Coachman Point
Eagan, Minnesota 55122