Lower Mississippi River Basin - Regional Fecal Coliform: TMDL Project

This TMDL addresses 39 stream and river reaches in the Lower Mississippi and Cedar River basins that are impaired due to fecal Coliform levels that violate Minnesota water quality standards. The initial report, including 20 reaches, was approved by the EPA in November 2002. Additional reaches were added and a revised TMDL report was approved by the EPA on April 5, 2006. A wide range of efforts to reduce fecal Coliform bacteria in the rivers and streams of the basin is underway.

Map and location

The Lower Mississippi and Cedar River basins are located in the southeastern portion of Minnesota. Watersheds included in the Cedar River basin: Winnebago, Shell Rock, Cedar, and Upper Wapsipinicon. Watersheds included in the Lower Mississippi River basin: Upper Iowa, Mississippi River - Reno, Root, Zumbro, Cannon, Mississippi River - Lake Pepin, Mississippi River - Winona, Mississippi River - La Crescent.

PDF icon Map of the Lower Mississippi Regional Fecal TMDL


TMDL report and implementation plan

TMDL Report approved by EPA April 5, 2006.

Implementation Plan