Submitting tests and reports electronically

In 2010, the MPCA changed its policies to allow for electronic reporting of performance tests and routine reports.  With the introduction of a new data system at the agency and the forthcoming Air Omnibus rule, we are now looking to take electronic reporting from an allowable option to the preferred and eventually the required method.  This action applies to both performance test submittals and routine reports handled by the MPCA. Examples include: 

  • DRF-1 Excess Emission Reports,
  • DRF-2 Semiannual Deviation Reports,
  • CR04 Compliance Certification,
  • CEMS Audits,
  • NM-DRF-2, and
  • NSPS and NESHAP compliance reports

A disproportionate amount of staff time is spent processing hard copy documents.  With advancements in technology and ever-increasing resource restrictions, we need to adjust our process to become more efficient.  Thank you to everyone who already uses electronic reporting.  If your facility does not do so already, please consider adopting an electronic reporting strategy.  

Routine reports

  • Routine Report submissions must be sent to:
  • To assist with processing, please include the submittal date and a brief description as part of the submitted document title:
    • Example: 1-28-16, DRF-1, DRF-2, CR-04
    • Example: 1-28-16, Pt 60 MM Compliance Report
    • Example: 1-28-16, DRF-1 and EU001 NOx, SO2, O2 RATA

Stack test reports

  • Stack Test submissions must be sent to: — not the individual in charge of the test
  • For questions or concerns, contact the person who approved your test plan — not
  • To assist with processing, please include the test date, emission unit number, and a brief description of the test as part of the submitted document title:
    • Example: 3-1-2016, EU007, NOx and CO

With the Air Omnibus rule scheduled to be adopted in June 2016, the Commissioner will have the authority to request the electronic format for all air reports.  Although this is not yet in rule, it is the intention of the MPCA to move toward electronic reporting when at all reasonable and practicable.

It is important to note, anything submitted using an U.S. EPA required method or format needs to continue to meet those requirements.