Progress on Minnesota's goals for VW funds

As part of Minnesota’s plan for using VW settlement funds, MPCA developed five 10-year goals to guide our programs and investment. Our long-term goals include:

  • Achieve significant emission reductions
  • Ensure statewide benefits
  • Help people and places disproportionately affected by air pollution
  • Reduce exposures to harmful air pollutants and maximize health benefits
  • Balance cost-effectiveness of projects with other goals

Want to learn more about our progress? As we wrap up Phase I of the settlement plan, we are collecting data and evaluating our efforts thus far. You can use the interactive tool below to explore each goal and view the data we use to measure progress.

This data can help us assess the effectiveness of our grant programs, identify which strategies are working, and determine where we may need to make adjustments for the next phase.

The MPCA is committed to transparency and making our data accessible to the public. The tool will be updated as each grant round is completed and data for that grant becomes available.