Part 70 Manufacturing General Permit

The Part 70 Manufacturing General Permit is intended for stationary sources with these process operations: abrasive blasting, boilers, brazing, casting, catalytic or thermal oxidizers, cleaning (including acid cleaning, degreasers, general cleanup with solvents), dip tanks, fabric filters, fuel storage, furnaces, injection molding, internal combustion engines (generators), lamination, mixing, molding, ovens, resin and gel coating, sanding, screen printing, soldering, space heaters, spraying and coating activities, stenciling, storage tanks, wall/panel filters, paint booths, and welding.

If a stationary source includes process operations or emission units that are not listed in the Part 70 Manufacturing General Permit and that are not insignificant activities (listed in Minn. R.  7007.1300) or conditionally insignificant activities listed in Minn. R. 7008), the stationary source does not qualify for this general permit. Stationary sources also may not be any of the source categories listed in 40 CFR Section 52.21(b)(1)(iii), prevention of significant deterioration (PSD).