Pesticide NPDES permit steps to compliance | Step 2: Submit a notice of intent

If you determined in Step 1 that you are below the thresholds, you do not submit a Notice of Intent. Instead, follow the requirements described in Step 3.

Submit Notice of Intent

Submit the Microsoft Office document icon Pesticide Permit Notice of Intent Form when you know you will exceed the threshold.

If you know before you start to discharge pesticides that you will exceed a threshold, you must submit a Notice of Intent and receive a Notice of Coverage before you start discharging.

  • This is probably your situation if you have exceeded a threshold the last several years and have no reason to believe that activities will change.

If you discover after you start to discharge pesticides that you will exceed a threshold, you must submit a Notice of Intent prior to exceeding the threshold.

  • To help you determine if you will exceed the threshold during any calendar year, keep track of acres treated, linear miles treated, and/or the amount of pesticide applied (tracking is required by the permit).
  • While you remain below the threshold, you can continue to discharge if you follow the requirements of Step 3. However, you must submit a Notice of Intent before you exceed the threshold or you will be in violation of the permit.

If you discharge pesticides in waters of the state in response to a declared pest emergency situation, you have immediate coverage under the permit, but must submit a Notice of Intent within 30 days of the declared emergency. See Section 6 of the permit for the full definition of “declared pest emergency situation.”


In the first permit cycle (2011-2016), the application fee for this permit will be $1,240. The fee will be reassessed each time the permit is reissued (generally every five years). There is an annual fee after coverage is received of $345, and invoices are usually sent in February or March.

Making Changes

If you need to change the information ownership, address or contact information submitted on the Notice of Intent, you may submit a modified Notice of Intent. It is recommended that you submit the modified Notice of Intent to the MPCA at least 10 days before the planned change. You can use the File NPDES/SDS Permit Program: Permit Change Request Form to make these modifications with no additional fee.

You may be unaware of all the areas that will receive pesticide treatment when you submit the NOI. Submit the best information you have. More precise information should be recorded as pesticides are applied and submitted with the Annual Report (if applicable).

Changes to information submitted on the Annual Report, such as treatment location or type and amount of product used, do not require submittal of a modified Notice of Intent.

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