Stewardship plan

The current stewardship plan for architectural paint went into effect on November 1, 2014.

PaintCare fees

PDF icon Request for comments on PaintCare’s request for a continuance of the Minnesota Architectural Paint Stewardship Assessment at the current level (w-ps2-06)

PDF icon PaintCare financial projections and fee proposal for Minnesota paint stewardship program - March 2021 (w-ps2-05)

PaintCare request to change the architectural paint stewardship assessment (Nov. 2016)

PDF icon MPCA Response to Request for Approval to change the Architectural Paint Stewardship Assessment (w-ps1-03)

MPCA approves PaintCare's proposed fee changes through June 30, 2019. By April 1, 2019, PaintCare must review the impact of the fee change and request continuance of the increased fee.

PDF icon PaintCare proposed amendment

The document addresses PaintCare’s operating revenues and expenses, a proposed increase in the architectural paint stewardship assessment that finances the program, and implementation dates. (Nov. 14, 2016)

PDF icon MPCA responses to public comments

Legislation passed in Minnesota

Product stewardship program for architectural paint (115A.1415). For "architectural paint" sold in Minnesota, producers must, individually or through a stewardship organization, implement and finance a statewide product stewardship program that manages architectural paint by reducing the paint's waste generation, promoting its reuse and recycling, and providing for negotiation and execution of agreements to collect, transport, and process the architectural paint for end-of-life recycling and reuse.

Learning from established programs

The program in Minnesota is expected to be consistent with the paint stewardship programs operating or under design in four states. Those interested in program implementation in Minnesota will be informed by these links to other state programs, statutes, stewardship plans submitted by PaintCare, and program outcomes.

HTML icon PaintCare

Information on stewardship programs for paint operated by PaintCare around the U.S.


Based on the experience of other state programs, the MPCA anticipates a number of benefits from a product stewardship approach in Minnesota.

  • Expand the number of recycling locations for paint, hopefully increasing the overall amount of paint recycled
  • Create an incentive for retailers to collect paint, particularly smaller entities
  • Transition from government-funded collection and recycling programs to one funded by consumers and manufacturers
  • The paint industry, through the stewardship organization PaintCare, will design and manage the program
  • Support economic development opportunities for paint recyclers

Can of old latex paint: Recycle unusable paintBackground

Paint was selected for product stewardship initiatives based on its volume in the waste stream, costs to manage, and high potential for increased recovery and recycling. Currently, paint is collected and recycled through Minnesota's household hazardous waste (HHW) collection programs: Minnesota’s counties spend approximately $5 million annually managing leftover paint. State and local taxes and fees fund the HHW programs, so the burden for disposal and recycling falls on the general taxpayer.

PDF icon MPCA Product Stewardship Initiatives 2013 - Paint, carpet and batteries