Report on Clean Water Fund spending

Clean Water Fund report cards are about water

Clean Water Fund dollars come from the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment that Minnesotans passed in 2008. The Legacy Amendment increased the state sales tax by three-eighths of 1% beginning on July 1, 2009, and continuing until 2034; the Clean Water Fund receives 33% of the revenue. The funds are used for water management activities such as monitoring, planning, and on-the-ground restoration and protection activities. The report helps Minnesotans understand connections between Clean Water funds invested, actions taken, and outcomes achieved.

Check out the report, the summary document, and the metadata sheets at Minnesota's Legacy website.

In addition, you can learn more about the history of the report in these two documents:

PDF icon Clean Water Tracking Framework Report (wq-gen1-05a)

HTML icon Developing an effectiveness tracking and reporting framework for implementing the Clean Water Legacy Act


Highlights of 2022report

Between 2010 and 2021, Minnesota’s Clean Water Fund:

  • Awarded more than 3,631 grants to protect and restore Minnesota’s water resources.
  • Delisted 66 lakes and streams from Minnesota’s impaired waters list.
  • Issued more than 2,087 loans to prevent nonpoint source water pollution or solve existing water quality problems.
  • Secured more than 778 easements that will permanently protect approximately 17,034 acres along riparian corridors and within wellhead protection areas.
  • Repaired 788 imminent health threat subsurface sewage treatment systems.
  • Upgraded 48 municipal wastewater treatment facilities, which reduced phosphorus discharges by over 268,000 pounds per year.
  • Delineated Drinking Water Supply Management Areas for all 500 vulnerable municipal water systems to protect their drinking water sources.
  • Engaged over 6,500 visitors in the We Are Water MN exhibit, and of those surveyed, 94% indicated that they learned something new about our water resources.

PDF icon 2022 Clean Water Fund Performance Report (lrp-f-1sy22)

PDF icon 2022 Clean Water Fund Report Card (lrp-f-1sy22a)

Highlights of 2020 report

Benefit to watersheds statewide. For FY10-19, all 80 watersheds benefited from Clean Water Fund supported activities. Implementation activities and drinking water protection appropriations have increased over time.

Dollars leveraged. $334 million was leveraged by Clean Water Funds in FY10-19, or 95 cents for every implementation dollar invested.

Reducing pollutants and documenting success. Clean Water Fund supported wastewater construction projects and nonpoint source BMP implementation efforts combined are reducing the amount of phosphorus entering the state’s waters by an estimated 300,000 pounds or more per year.