Last approved Impaired Waters List

When U.S. EPA has approved Minnesota's proposed list of impaired waters the list becomes final. That final approval clears the way for some funding opportunities for restorative work.

2014 Impaired Waters List

The 2014 Impaired Water List is Minnesota’s last list to be approved by the EPA (May 29, 2018).

File 2014 Impaired Waters List (wq-iw1-47)

PDF icon 2014 Guidance Manual for Assessing the Quality of Minnesota Surface Waters for Determination of Impairment 305(b) Report and 303(d) List (wq-iw1-04)

The 2014 Guidance Manual was open for public comment, subsequently updated, and sent to EPA for review along with the 2014 Proposed Impaired Waters List.

PDF icon US EPA’s decision document on MN’s 2014 Impaired Waters List (wq-iw1-47c-1)