PFAS studies and reports

PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) is the preferred abbreviation used to collectively describe PFOA, PFOS, and other chemicals in this group. PFAS were previously referred to as PFCs.

PDF icon Investigating PFCs in Minnesota: Current Status as of March 2009

3-page general update on (then current) status of the MPCA’s work on PFAS.

PDF icon PFCs in Minnesota’s Ambient Environment: 2008 Progress Report

Investigation of PFAS in ambient environment, distribution of PFAS in environment, exposure and effects on humans and wildlife, outlook

PDF icon PFCs and Class B Firefighting Foam

Scientists have found that PFAS may cause long-lasting environmental contamination, including uptake into humans’ bodies. Of particular concern is the possibility that PFAS in Class B firefighting foam may be able to travel from a fire training area to municipal or private wells.

Center for Environmental Health’s Report on avoiding hazards and safe purchasing of food ware: For institutional purchasers of food ware. This report focuses on the use of fluorinated compounds in disposable food service ware. Offers recommendations and resources to help purchasers procure safer food ware products and equips purchasers with tools to push manufacturers away from these harmful compounds and towards safer products.

Lakes – fish


Waste treatment plants

Water quality – drinking wells and wells

2007 3M Consent Order