Advisory group for remediation guidance

Following the launch of the Minnesota's PFAS Blueprint and the PFAS monitoring plan, the MPCA's Remediation program is developing guidance for addressing PFAS at sites around the state. The agency will develop the guidance in coordination with external stakeholders who represent the various sectors engaged in addressing PFAS contamination. The remediation PFAS stakeholder advisory group will outline the decision-making process and establish guidance for PFAS investigation and cleanup at remediation sites.

Stakeholder advisory group

In order to efficiently develop the PFAS guidance with an aggressive timeline, a dedicated stakeholder advisory group was assembled from sectors that will be affected by PFAS at remediation sites. The stakeholder advisory group meets approximately every other month in a closed session meeting to discuss the components of the guidance document. Stakeholders for each sector provide written comments on draft materials prepared by MPCA. These comments will reflect the input from all engaged sectors. If you have feedback, questions, concerns, etc. please reach out to the designated stakeholder representative for your sector so they can share your feedback at the stakeholder advisory group meetings. Stakeholder contact information can be found in the link below.

Guidance development process and timeline

The guidance document uses an evidence-based approach that builds upon the framework and strategies presented in previous MPCA publications. Until completion of the final Remediation PFAS guidance document, the Remediation program will be using the MPCA’s PFAS Monitoring Plan including Appendix E as our regulatory framework for PFAS sites.

The remediation PFAS guidance document is scheduled to be finalized and shared in summer 2023. The advisory group will meet regularly during the development process. Meeting agendas and minutes will be available on this page.

Upcoming meetings

  • July 2022 - Advisory group meeting
  • November 2022 - Advisory group meeting
  • March 2023 - Advisory group meeting
  • April-May 2023 - Public input period
  • August 2023 - Final PFAS remediation guidance shared

Past meetings

Advisory group members

Members of the PFAS stakeholder advisory group represent all the sectors engaged in PFAS remediation. For more information about your sector, please coordinate with member(s) representing your stakeholder group. We encourage you to reach out to your representative(s) to provide the advisory group with your feedback and to answer any questions.

Marie De los Santos
Senior consultant, Ramboll

Emma Driver
Program manager, Wood

Mark Ethen
Chief Credit Officer, NE Bank

Mark Keefer
Business unit leader/Senior scientist & environmental consultant

Briana Kirby
Environmental risk manager, Bremer

Elizabeth M. Kluesner
Executive Director, Minnesota Brownfields

Rick Kubler
Partner, Lathrop GPM LLP

Joseph Maternowski
Attorney, Hessian & McKasy, PA

Nick Nigro
PFAS product manager, Pace Analytical

Paul Raymaker
Project manager, Bay West LLC

Matt Saam
Public works director, City of Apple Valley

Jay Thompson
Professional environmental engineer, Geosyntec Consultants

Cathy Undem
Environmental assessment program manager, Dakota County

Ginny Yingling
Hydrogeologist, Minnesota Dept. of Health