Recyclers accept "covered electronic devices" from households or collectors of these devices in Minnesota. Recyclers dismantle the devices for further processing or process the devices into raw materials for use in new products.

Requirements for recyclers

Minnesota's law identifies some specific program-year responsibilities for recyclers.

Registration. Free, but required. Submit the registration form for each program year, providing contact information for the organization or individual and listing collection sites where covered electronic devices are received in that program year.

  • Due July 15 each program year.

Compliance. Through registration and reporting, recyclers certify that they:

  • comply with all applicable health, environmental, safety, and financial responsibility regulations
  • are licensed by all applicable governmental authorities
  • use no prison labor to recycle video display devices
  • have required insurance to recycle video display devices (liability insurance of not less than $1 million for environmental releases, accidents, and other emergencies).
  • have a completed Permit by Rule form for electronics recycling facilities.

Reporting. Recyclers document their recycling efforts for the program year, reporting on the weight of recycled covered electronic devices, the sources for those pounds, and details on program-year sales of eligible program pounds.

  • Due July 15 each program year.