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Contact information

Contact the monitoring staff in your region to answer your questions or for more information about the Watershed Pollutant Load Monitoring Network.

Program Supervisor
Mankato Office

Lee Ganske, 507-344-5248

Monitoring Coordinator
Mankato Office

Patrick Baskfield, 507-344-5240

Continuous Data Coordinator
Mankato Office

Eileen Campbell, 507-344-5244

Central Minnesota
Brainerd Office

Anthony Dingmann, 218-316-3914

Northwestern Minnesota
Detroit Lakes Office

Andy Butzer, 218-846-0485

Northeastern Minnesota
Duluth Office

Stacia Grayson, 218-302-6631

Northeastern Minnesota
Duluth Office
Brittany Story, 218-302-6626

East Central Minnesota
St. Paul Office

James Jahnz, 651-757-2214

Southwestern Minnesota
Marshall Office

Kelli Nerem, 507-476-4251

Southwestern Minnesota
Marshall Office

Diana Macziewski, 507-476-4253

Southeastern Minnesota
Rochester Office

Mike Walerak, 507-206-2623


Contact information for pollutant load estimates computed by Metropolitan Council Environmental Services: Terrie O'Dea, 651-602-1765, terrie.o'


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