Section 319 Small Watersheds Focus

Through the 319 Small Watersheds Focus Program, MPCA is looking for 20 additional small watersheds to partner with the MPCA in developing a long-term roadmap to support comprehensive implementation on a small-scale watershed.

If selected, watershed representatives will develop a detailed Focus Grant workplan following the EPA’s Handbook for developing watershed plans to restore and protect our waters and be prioritized to receive four, four-year grant awards that will span a total of 16 years. These funds will be used to implement a series of projects outlined in the Focus grant workplan, provide a steady source of funding, focus implementation efforts, and achieve measurable water quality improvements on a specific waterbody. The selection process for Group C will begin mid-2020.

Deadline: To be considered for Group C, please submit your email of interest and two page summary by Friday, June 26, 2020 (4:30 pm Central Standard Time). If you have submitted interest for Groups A or B, you will automatically be contacted for Group C.

Step one: If you’re interested, please send us an email right away:

  • No need to wait to compile all your information.
  • No strings attached! Letting us know you’re interested now doesn’t mean that you’re committing to the program.
  • If your organization was part of the selection process for Groups A or B, you do not need to do anything. We will contact you for a phone call soon!

Step two: Check out the selection criteria and funding principles and send us an e-mail about how you, your partners, and the watershed are a good fit. Please hit the highlights and keep it under two pages.

Eligible applicants

Local governmental units such as soil and water conservation districts, watershed districts, watershed management organizations, tribal authorities, cities, counties, and joint-power organizations of local government.

Work together! All watershed entities that are interested in participating are encouraged to work with all the organizations involved in the watershed to achieve the goals. All participants are welcome and can work with an LGU as a grant sponsor.

Contact us

Have questions or don’t have all the answers? Send an email ( or give us a call. 

  • Greg Johnson: 651-757-2471
  • Cindy Penny: 651-757-2099