Section 319 funding round

The MPCA sought applications for this FFY 2020 funding round for projects that will reduce nonpoint source pollution in Minnesota’s lakes, rivers, and streams in these areas with approved nine key element (NKE) plans: Section 319 Small Watersheds Focus group A.

Funding for selected projects will be provided by Section 319 grant funds, contingent upon Congressional appropriation.

Closed. Proposals were due July 17, 2020.


Package icon Federal Clean Water Act Section 319 grant (FFY 2020): Archive (wq-cwp7-20-fy20)

This grant round closed July 17, 2020. This package of grant documents is for reference.

Questions and answers

Applicants with questions regarding this RFP must send an e-mail to, subject line: “FFY 20 Section 319 Grant,” no later than July 13, 2020 (4:30 pm Central Time). Questions and answers will be posted on the MPCA website within two working days of receipt.

A final list of questions answered will be posted by July 15, 2020 (4:30 pm Central Time).

MPCA personnel are not authorized to discuss the RFP with applicants and contact regarding this RFP with any personnel outside of the email inbox may result in disqualification.

Q1: The work plan template asks for a map that is attached to the application packet, but the RFP only provides specific instructions for the format of the submitted workplan (Microsoft Word) and budget (Microsoft Excel) files. Would the MPCA prefer having the map inserted into the Project Information section of the workplan, at the end of the workplan document (after the Project Budget section), in a separate file, or other location/format? If the MPCA wants the map as a separate file (as indicated by the word “attach” in the template), are there restrictions/preferences regarding the format of that file (Microsoft Word, PDF, and/or jpeg)?
A1: Attach a map in the easiest way possible for the proposer. It may be included as part of the document or as a separate file and will not affect the scoring of the proposal.

Q2: Can we use a variable rate for staff time unit cost on the proposal budget?
A1: Yes, convey the budget as clearly as possible.