2017 triennial standards review

The federal Clean Water Act requires that states review their water quality standards every three years and solicit public input on the need for revising or adding to state standards. The review helps set priorities and a work plan for water quality standards development and rulemaking. The MPCA completed the 2017 triennial standards review in May 2018. It involved an internal review and prioritization of water quality standards projects, notice of the review and opportunity for the public to comment on water quality standards needs, a public meeting, and review and consideration of the comments received. A key outcome of the process is the MPCA’s water quality standards work plan for 2018 to 2020. 

Complete documentation of the 2017 TSR is provided below. 

  1. The information published on the MPCA’s website in support of the 2017 TSR is available at the links to the right
  2. The comment letters received from the public:
  3. A general response to the comments received and a statement of the MPCA’s intention to develop (or not) water quality standards for existing EPA criteria (a new requirement for triennial reviews under the federal Clean Water Act): 
  4. Following review and consideration of the comments received from the public, and discussion of these comments and the agency’s response with the MPCA’s Advisory Committee at their April 17, 2018, meeting, the proposed water quality standard work plan for 2018 to 2020 was finalized. It was subsequently amended further as a consequence of the MPCA’s decision on April 26, 2018, to withdraw the proposed rules amending the sulfate water quality standard applicable to wild rice and identification of wild rice waters, per state register notice