Rural garbage collection strategies

Township dumpsters

For rural homeowners, finding affordable and convenient trash collection service can be challenging. Garbage collection service can be two to three times more expensive in rural areas than in urban areas. And, often times those homeowners need to transport their trash cart a considerable distance for the hauler to pick up. With Minnesota’s unpredictable weather, this task can be challenging for any homeowner.

Knowing the challenges facing rural homeowners, many rural communities are finding unique ways to successfully manage their garbage that’s affordable and accessible.

Minnesota examples

Lincoln County added rural waste collection at their drop-off sites that resulted in increased recycling and decreased backyard burning.

Redwood County used GIS technology to identify areas needing waste and recycling services.

St. Louis County used a little creativity to provide waste management services for rural residents in an area where establishing a permanent drop-off site wasn't feasible.


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