Beyond regulation

Your competitors meet their regulatory obligations too. Complying with environmental regulations is the minimum that is required, but what is expected of you beyond that? Consumer expectations have evolved. Today, businesses and industries are expected to do their part to proactively protect the environment. Compliance may not be enough anymore. Going beyond regulations can be a good business decision with multiple benefits which can include:

  • Reduced regulatory obligations (fees, administrative time)
  • Lower cost product
  • Health and environmental benefits
  • Increased competitiveness/efficiency
  • Green marketing potential
  • Employee satisfaction, retention, and attraction

Reduce your regulatory obligations by decreasing emissions and wastes that are directly regulated. Why do you have that permit? What can you do to move out of being regulated? Making the move now can result in lower permit fees and save money lost to administrative and staff time. Go beyond compliance by identifying and implementing green initiatives in all areas of your business. 

For more information about greening your business or discovering the benefits of going beyond compliance, email Angie Bourdaghs or 651-757-2176.

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