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The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is not currently accepting member applications for the Minnesota GreenCorps program.

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PDF icon Project summaries: Program Year 2018-2019 (p-mgc1-10)

Host site projects where Minnesota GreenCorps members will be serving in the upcoming service year: 2018-2019.

Program information

Minnesota GreenCorps members serve approximately 40 hours a week for 11 months. Members earn a living stipend of up to $1,428 per month and an education award of $5,920 after the successful completion of the AmeriCorps term, which may be used for education expenses or to repay qualified student loans.

Each member will serve on a project in one of four focus areas:

  • Air pollutant reduction (energy conservation, green transportation)
  • Community readiness and outreach (public engagement, education, volunteer mobilization)
  • Green infrastructure improvements (stormwater management, urban forestry)
  • Waste reduction, recycling, and organics management (food waste prevention, recycling, composting)

Each focus area is led by an expert in the field. This topic lead also serves as a resource for members and host sites throughout the service year.

Members receive training from the MPCA on a quarterly basis, including a 3-day orientation at the beginning of the service term. Additionally, members are paired with a mentor whose role is to provide support and resources throughout the service year.