Lower Red River/Red River of the North - Tamarac River

The topography of the area is a nearly level on the Lake Agassiz Plain to slightly undulating in the transitional and upland areas to the east. The main resource concerns in the watershed are wind/water soil erosion, wetland management, surface water quality, flood damage reduction, and wildlife habitat. Many of the resource concerns relate directly to agricultural activities in the region that have resulted in fragmentation and increased sediment and pollutant loadings to surface waters.

Various reaches of the Tamarac are impaired for turbidity and biological impairments affecting invertebrates. Additional impairments may be identified in planned studies.

    What's being done

    Intensive watershed monitoring and stressor identification were completed and the reports are available below. A TMDL study has been submitted for preliminary EPA approval.

    Monitoring and assessment

    Strategy development for restoration and protection