Lower Otter Tail River - Turbidity: TMDL Project

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has listed an 8.2 mile segment in the Lower Otter Tail River as impaired for exceeding the turbidity standard for aquatic life. The primary cause of turbidity in the Lower Otter Tail is suspended sediment. The TMDL Report was approved by the EPA on February 12, 2007 and the MPCA approved the Implementation Plan. Restoration activities are currently underway.

Map and location

The Otter Tail River is located in the Otter Tail River watershed of the Red River Basin (west-central Minnesota) with the mouth of the river at Breckenridge.


TMDL report and implementation plan

 The TMDL report was approved by the EPA on February 12, 2007.


Information contact

Michael Vavricka
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
714 Lake Avenue, Suite 220
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501