Building sewers connected to septic systems

The 2015 Legislature directed the MPCA to simplify the regulation and administration of work on building sewers connected to septic systems.

$25,000 surety bond to cover pipe laying and SSTS

  1. All SSTS businesses must maintain a $25,000 surety bond to cover code and contract compliance for plumbing and SSTS activities.
  2. All installer Designated Certified Individual (DCIs) will need to submit proof of completed pipe laying training or a personal plumbing license to the MPCA to maintain Installer DCI status.


Surety bond form. Your agent must help you execute a bond form for your SSTS Business License:

Plumbing contractor license holders. If you also hold a Plumbing Contractor License through the Department of Labor and Industry, you must submit a “Duplicate Original” of your Plumbing Contractor Surety Bond. A duplicate original is a bond form that is, by all accounts, identical to its counterpart, but with real original signatures, seals, and  any other instruments of execution. Your agent or surety can help you obtain this form.

Proof of pipelaying training. Designated Certified Installers must submit proof of pipelaying training to the MPCA to stay affiliated with the business:

For more information

Contact Jane Seaver at the MPCA at 651-757-2711 or with questions about these legislative changes.

Specific instructions will be mailed to all license holders prior to changes taking effect.

Administrative Rule changes

The MPCA amended its SSTS rules to comply with two rulemaking directives received during the 2015 Minnesota legislative session. These amendments will simplify the regulation and administration of work on building sewers connected to septic systems and establish a process for septic professionals who have not met their continuing education requirements to apply for a one-year extension of professional certification eligibility.

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