Owner and operators - Class A and B exam

Class A and B operators of underground storage tanks must pass an exam to ensure knowledge of safe operating and maintenance procedures. The MPCA strongly encourages training prior to taking the exam.

Taking the online exam

Read all instructions on the exam closely. You are allowed one attempt to take the exam. You may start and stop taking the test over a 10-day period. Failing to complete the exam within this timeframe is a failure of the exam. If the operator fails the exam or if the facility that the operator is responsible for is found to be out of compliance, the operator is required to attend an MPCA-approved training course.  For the online operator exam, you will need:

  • Email — Once you pass the exam, the certificate will be emailed to you.  **You are responsible for keeping and accessing your email.  You must retain your certificate to be in compliance with the rules — the MPCA does not keep a copy of the certificate. 
  • Tank site information — including tank and piping construction material, cathodic protection method, and tank and piping release detection methods.
Click on "take exam" for the operator certification exam 

If you have questions, need translation services or other accommodations, contact Jenalee Quigley, jenalee.quigley@state.mn.us, 651-757-2238.