Sources of air pollution

Overall sources of air pollution: Small and  widespread sources  are the largest  portion  of overall air pollution emissions  in Minnesota

Typically, when people think of sources of air pollution, they think about buildings with big smoke stacks like power plants and factories. Yet these sources make up a relatively small proportion of air pollution emissions in Minnesota. Today, most of the air pollution in Minnesota comes from smaller, more widespread sources.

  • Industrial facilities. Typically large, stationary sources with relatively high emissions, such as electric power plants and refineries.
  • Neighborhood sources. Typically stationary sources, but generally smaller sources of emissions than permitted sources — dry cleaners, gasoline service stations and fires such as residential wood combustion, inadvertent or intentional agriculture burning, prescribed burning or forest wild fires.
  • Vehicles and equipment. Onroad vehicles: cars and trucks. Off-road sources: off-road vehicles and portable equipment powered by internal combustion engines, lawn and garden equipment, construction equipment, aircraft, and locomotives.

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