Eco Experience will be back at the 2022 State Fair: Aug. 25 - Sept. 5

Discover the value of wind resources and how wind energy can provide both environmental and economic benefits to Minnesotans. Displays and activities show how turbines work and how wind energy is captured, teach about the policies around wind energy like net metering, and fun activities like trivia, photo-ops, and coloring provide entertainment for the whole family.



Windustry promotes sustainable energy solutions and empowers communities to develop and own clean energy assets.


  • Anderson Trucking Service (ATS)
  • Aspenall Energies
  • Colite Technologies
  • Consulting Engineers Group (CEG)
  • EDP Renewables
  • Geronimo Energy
  • Clean Grid Alliance
  • sPower
  • KidWind
  • Vestas
  • Good Steward Consulting

Things you can see and do: Get your wind power on!

Windustry's exhibit includes our popular #StickWindHere activities. Some of the other hands-on activities include: How blades harness wind, how electricity gets to me, siting for wind on a wind farm and a light board that illustrates net metering.

See which way the wind blows