We are the headwaters. Minnesota has a very unique geographic position. We sit atop a triple, continental-scale water divide, which means we are not receiving polluted water from a state with lower environmental standards. But it also means we have a responsibility to keep water clean—for our communities and for other states and nations.


Make a commitment to protect and conserve water.Minnesota Pollution Control Agency


What you can see and do

Slide down the sink slide and learn why it is important to keep things like pharmaceuticals, household hazardous waste, dyes, fragrances, and microbeads out of the drain.

Take a close look at bugs that live in our lakes and streams and learn what they can tell us about the health of Minnesota waters.

Listen to stories from Minnesotans about the role of water in their lives.

Add your story to a Minnesota map of memorable water-related experiences you’ve had.

Become part of a work of art by stepping into an informational artwork and learn ways to become a better steward of water in our daily lives.

Make a commitment to protect and conserve water.

What you flush matters!