Minnesota is home to 12,000 lakes and one of the world’s largest lakes—Lake Superior. Climate change and human activity change water. Luckily, there is so much we can do to protect and ensure the clean water for years to come. From climate action to septic systems and water softeners, you’ll discover the many ways your life is connected to water and what you can do

Great Lakes AquariumExhibitors

Great Lakes Aquarium is a private nonprofit working to inspire people to explore their connection to Lake Superior and waters of the world.

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  • Dunwoody College of Technology
  • One Health Antibiotics Stewardship Collaborative
  • Minnesota Water Quality Association

What you can see and do

Slide down the sink slide and learn why it is important to keep things like pharmaceuticals, household hazardous waste, dyes, fragrances, and microbeads out of the drain.

Take a close look at bugs that live in our lakes and streams and learn what they can tell us about the health of Minnesota waters.

Listen to the waves of Lake Superior and feel the changing climate in an interactive exhibit from Great Lakes Aquarium.

Learn about your water softener and how it’s changing Minnesota’s water quality.

Make a commitment to protect and conserve water.

What you flush matters!