Nature adventure play

Eco Experience will be back at the 2021 State Fair: Aug. 26 - Sept. 6

Learn ways to create nature adventure play areas in your yard. Take time to watch your kids explore the area and unwind from the craziness of the fair.


Nature Play Area exhibitorsCrows Nest Design is a St. Paul-grown architectural design firm committed to having fun with design by combining dreams and ideas with community involvement. As exhibitors, they are collaborating with the Eco Experience to create a Nature Play Area that inspires that same creativity in kids play.

Fireflies Play Environments, Inc. designs children's play environments to set the stage for self-directed play and experiential learning. At the State Fair, they demonstrate adventure playgrounds, green roofs and sustainable-pollinator friendly gardens.

Landscape Renovations is dedicated to designing  innovative, site-sensitive, and sustainable gardens and landscapes. As exhibitors, they have helped construct a beautiful Nature Play Area for the Eco Experience building, a place for kids to learn and play at the fair!  

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency


What you can see and do

Nature Play Area and hammocks. Give your kids a little free-range play to rejuvenate at our FREE adventure playground. Children can build their own structures, tear them down, climb, and create. They are encouraged to take calculated risks in order to learn resilience and problem-solving skills. Did we mention the hammocks?

Nature Play Area (2015)