Webcast help

You don't need to register for a Webcast—just click the link and watch. To view a Webcast you need a computer capable of playing sounds, an Internet connection with a connection speed of at least 56Kbps, and the required player software installed (Microsoft Silverlight).

If you're having trouble viewing a Webcast, try these tips:

  • Do you have the right player software? MPCA Webcasts may require download (free) and installation of Microsoft Silverlight, which offers versions for computers with Windows and Macintosh operating systems. HTML icon Get Microsoft Silverlight
  • Can you connect? Be sure that your computer is capable of playing sounds, and that you have a connection to the Internet through a 56Kbs speed modem or faster.
  • Check the time. If you click on the live Webcast link before the start time, you should see a screen that indicates that you are too early and the meeting hasn't yet started.
  • Network issues. If you are behind a firewall or proxy server, you may need assistance from your own information technology specialist first to allow access.

To report problems that can't be fixed by trying the above tips, please contact us. While we cannot commit to providing real-time, individualized assistance, your report will help us refine our system.

From the Sonic Foundry web site

Troubleshooting ideas from the online knowledge base of Sonic Foundry, the manufacturer of the Mediasite webcast system.

If you are having trouble viewing a presentation and have verified all playback requirements have been met, review these troubleshooting tips for playback issues specific to Windows, Mac, and Firefox.

This article lists the requirements for viewing Mediasite content on all supported platforms. (Sonic Foundry)

This page tests if your computer meets the minimum requirements to run the Mediasite Player: Browser, Silverlight version, JavaScript, screen resolution.

Mediasite playback support on mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Surface tablets.

This presentation is used to test audio, video and slide content. The presentation is playing back in Smooth Streaming, 16:9 video and 4:3 slide content. If it works for you, your computer should handle MPCA webcasts just fine.

Mediasite playback on Linux platforms is supported in a limited capacity. Installation of additional software or codecs may be necessary.