Water data

Lake and streams information

Lake and stream information
Pollution impairments, assessments, clarity, and MPCA actions

Lake and stream water clarity data (citizen gathered)

Watershed pollutant load monitoring data

Lakes and streams: impaired waters list

Streams: altered watercourses
Minnesota Statewide Altered Watercourse Project

What’s in My Neighborhood
Contains lake and stream monitoring data (map and text search)


Industrial stormwater permit search

Construction stormwater permit search

Stormwater: Special and impaired waters search
Preparing a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) or applying for a Construction Stormwater permit for a construction project?

What’s in My Neighborhood
Contains stormwater permit data (map and text search)


Wastewater data browser


Groundwater monitoring data search with map- and text-based tools

Minnesota water data from other government sources

Key water information catalogue

Collection of water data tools from Met Council