Transparency Times

Transparency Times is the combined newsletter for members of the MPCA's citizen water-monitoring programs.

  • 2017 citizen monitoring reports ready
  • MPCA begins 2018 water quality monitoring fieldwork
  • Field sampling reminders
  • Using lake sediment cores to restore lakes in the Cannon River Watershed
  • Share your shoreline success!
  • CMP lawn signs available!
  • CMP at the 2018 State Fair
  • Report blue-green algae blooms using BloomWatch app
  • Simple, no-cost tests for blue-green algae
  • Lake monitoring highlight: Canada's LakeSmart program
  • Watershed Pollutant Load Monitoring Network
  • Minnesota state record fish programs
  • Paddle Martin County
  • DIY Secchi tube stabilizer disk

Published: June 08, 2018