Transparency Times

Transparency Times is the combined newsletter for members of the MPCA's citizen water-monitoring programs.

  • 2020 Secchi data wanted!
  • EmpowerU course for citizen water monitors - sign up today!
  • 2020 Secchi Social going virtual
  • Citizen water monitoring at 2020 MN Association for Environmental Education Conference
  • Testing the new online system
  • 2020 water monitoring work
  • We Are Water MN adapts to COVID-19
  • One Watershed One Plan
  • Become a Salt Watcher!
  • Baby on the way for CLMP coordinator
  • Using satellites to monitor algal blooms in near real-time on Lake of the Woods
  • A farewell note from retiring CSMP coordinator, Laurie Sovell
  • Differences in Secchi clarity across various ground cover conditions after heavy rains
Published: September 30, 2020