Lake Shaokatan TMDL: Excess nutrients

The Lake Shaokatan Excess Nutrients TMDL began in 2004. The local sponsor of this project is the Yellow Medicine River Watershed District. The watershed district collected water samples, obtained GIS data, and publicized the project from 2005-2006. Schuler Environmental Engineering was hired to develop the TMDL. The report is written based on water quality standards for shallow lakes within the Northern Glaciated Plains Ecoregion.

The preliminary draft TMDL report was submitted to EPA in February 2009. Upon addressing EPA’s comments, the draft TMDL report was placed on public notice from July 6, 2009 - August 5, 2009 which yielded 65 comment letters. Most of the comments were positive and supportive of the project. A few comment letters contained suggestions for improving the draft report. A technical team worked with the local sponsor to revise the report.

As a result of the changes to the draft TMDL report, a second comment period was held from February 8, 2010, to March 10, 2010. Seven comment letters, one request for a contested case hearing and one support letter for a contested case hearing were received during the second public notice. The MPCA has been working with the petitioner to resolve the issues that led to the contested case hearing request. The most current version of the TMDL report is posted below.

Map and location

Lake Shaokatan is located in southwest Minnesota in Lincoln County, in the Minnesota River - Yellow Medicine River watershed of the Minnesota River Basin.

TMDL report and implementation plan


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