Clearwater River - Dissolved Oxygen and Fecal Coliform: TMDL Project

Minnesota's Impaired Waters and TMDLs


This project is a watershed-based TMDL for seven impaired reaches in the Clearwater River watershed. Four of the reaches are impaired for low oxygen and located on the Clearwater River, County Ditch 57, Poplar River, and Walker Brook. Three of the reaches, located on the Clearwater River, Lost River and Silver Creek, are listed for fecal coliform.

Much of the work for this project will be conducted by the Red Lake Watershed District, a local unit of government based in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. In 2007 and 2008, the district will assess the impairments, define sources of pollution, define current loads of pollutants in instances where the impairments are verified, estimate total daily maximum load of pollutants, and propose strategies to achieve the desired load. The district will also hold stakeholder meetings periodically at key points in the project. The draft TMDL is targeted to be completed by 2009.

Map and location

The Clearwater River watershed is a sub-watershed of the Red Lake watershed within the Red River basin. It is located in northern Minnesota within Clearwater, Mahnomen, Polk and Red Lake Counties.


For a map of this impairment, see the PDF icon Red River Basin Map.

TMDL report and implementation plan

  • TMDL currently in development.

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Meetings and events

Public Stakeholder Meetings were held December 2007, March 2008, and December 2008.


Information contact

Lisa Scheirer, Project Manager
714 Lake Avenue
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501